what I got for my birthday!

My birthday was last month, but I have been LOVING the things I got as gifts (or bought myself with gift cards) so I figured -- why not share! Happy Spring, by the way. Isn't it just the cheeriest season? My heart is so full! And thank you to my family + Brook for making me feel BEYOND spoiled the past couple of weeks.

this (on sale) madewell midi skirt

What can I say? Ya girl loves sale items. This one was half-off in store when I went shopping with my mom (and still is online!). I love that it isn't a full maxi length, so it feels more breezy for Spring.

fi smart dog collar

We have officially become *those* dog parents who always worry about our dog when we are gone. Brook got me this as a way to GPS track Max, should anything happen. Now that we have that #backyardlife too, it can alert us the moment he potentially escapes. Very thankful for the peace of mind!

the softest madewell sweatsuit

This was a spluuuuurge for me, but my sweet sister sent me a giftcard. Considering I own a loungewear brand, this is probably not a smart move but: THIS IS THE BEST SWEATSUIT I HAVE EVER FELT. So beyond soft. Like butter... and clouds.

can't forget the matching joggers

They're cute, comfy, and make me happy. Need I say more?

the cutest volcano candle

So, I have this candle but I think Brook could tell I was hesitant to burn it because it is so special. He got me another one for my birthday and I have been burning it ALL DAY with no regret since I have two now. If you don't know the volcano scent, it has a fresh citrus scent and really packs a punch. One candle fills my whole house with the aroma almost instantly.

another clearance madewell item

I own one other winter jacket aaaaand I left it at a friend's house. It was a wakeup call that I probably shouldn't depend on one jacket always. This jacket is currently about $100 OFF at madewell, and I got it for even cheaper in store with my giftcard. What a win, right?

cozy earth pajamas

I've worked with this brand a few times and fallen in LOVE. Their pajamas and sheets are the definition of luxury. Brook knew my love for them and got me another pair for my birthday! They're a splurge BUT I recently did an Instagram campaign with them and my 40% off promo code is still live (MICHEL40). Not sponsored on the blog but I juuuuust wanted to let you know ;-)

*the* beloved align leggings

My sweet mama got these for me when we went out shopping together! If you follow my channel, I don't shut up about them. They are the comfiest leggings for lounging, travel, yoga, or even sleeping (don't judge me, my house gets cold!). I got this style/color (linked in the title) because it was $30 cheaper than some of the other styles. Honestly, I don't know why the price differs because they are all just as amazing to me!

this perfume from anthro!

One more on sale item -- I just can't help it, even with birthday shopping! So, my "signature"scent for YEARS has been Wish by Lollia. It is sometimes super hard to find, but I realized this is SUPER similar (but way stronger?). They both have hints of ylang-ylang and vanilla, which I think makes them similar! SURF smells more summery and Wish smells more like Spring... you feel me? Still SO similar!

Love y'all so dang much, forever and always! And thanks again to my sweet family + husband for these sweet gifts. I feel so spoiled, truly!

FTC: this post is not sponsored but some links may be affiliate links, meaning they support this blog at no additional expense to you! Thank you for using my links <3

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