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One of my favorite parts of the spring season is the opportunity to change up my home decor! I love finding new pieces that freshen up and bring light to my space. Many of you asked me to try out Decocrated, a home decor subscription box, and I was so excited to receive their products. (You can watch the video where I unbox it here!) This post is kindly sponsored by Decocrated, and I have several codes to provide discounts for you that are listed at the end! All opinions and styling are my own :)

The most difficult part of finding home decor can be finding pieces that work together cohesively. One of the best aspects of the Decocrated is that you receive at least five items that complement one another, which takes the guesswork out of finding things individually. Decocrated is a seasonal box, which you can buy during a specific quarter (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) or pay for an annual subscription to receive all of the boxes. The Decocrated boxes build upon one another, meaning the Spring items also work with items in the previous seasonal boxes and the upcoming Summer box! It's a fantastic way to establish your own decor collection, or add in special, seasonal pieces that you might not otherwise come across. Included in every box is a catalog/style guide of the Decocrated items to provide inspiration, and I love how the company and community is built on making these pieces fit in with your personal style. Here's how I styled all of the items in the Spring box and some tips to make them uniquely your own!

This wooden shelf is very well-made and sturdy, and the cream color with its light chevron print is a fun twist on a neutral piece. You can use this shelf as a runner on a dining table, or to display jewelry and skincare/fragrances in the bathroom if you have enough countertop space. I personally love it on our coffee table in the living room; it ties in the neutral tones of these candles and the book, while also elevating them to make the grouping more eye-catching. Our living room is the largest area of our apartment, so I like the fact that this shelf is a bigger piece that fills the space and doesn't add any extra clutter.

Springtime is the perfect time to acquire new plant friends! I absolutely love how this planter provides a pop of bright color and warmth from the wood to make this little corner feel more lively. It's so versatile, you could really put this planter in any room or nook of your space and it would work beautifully! It's a great medium size to fit a variety of plants and make a statement while not being too overwhelming. The metal basket detaches from the wooden base, so you could always use each part on their own, or paint over either part if you wanted to change up the color/finish.

I am ALL about having artwork of all shapes and sizes in every room of my home, and I appreciate how art really can complete a space and tie everything together. Decocrated includes a piece of artwork in all of their boxes that you can use in a variety of ways. I especially love this little piece artwork because the floral bouquet is so dainty, and the pinky mauve background is the perfect spring color. You could frame the artwork and hang it on a wall, put it on a floating shelf, or even use it as a postcard! I displayed mine in this lovely wooden frame that also came in the Spring box on my nightstand. I love how versatile the frame is, because you're able to change out the artwork whenever you'd like with a photo, or a piece of art from a future box that is more seasonal.

I'm always looking for new ways to spruce up my dresser, and I love how this stack of wooden blocks adds a minimal, yet dimensional look. If you wanted to not feature these specific words, you could totally turn the stack around and leave it blank, or write in your own words. (Using your spouse's and your names or your kids' names would be a fun idea!) Another idea I had mentioned in my video is wrapping the blocks in linen to make them appear like linen-bound books; here's an example of what I envisioned:

Throw pillows are such an easy way to make season-specific decor not appear too themed or over the top. Each Decocrated box comes with a reversible pillowcase, and this beautiful, vintage floral pattern is the epitome of spring. The cover picture also features this pillowcase on my accent chair, which is an alternative to putting it on the bed or couch. Because it's so small, it's easy to store if/when you want to switch it out for a different look!

The Decocrated box is such a unique way to build up a decor collection and add in in seasonal pieces to your home. You can choose a $79.99 subscription which is billed every 3 months and is the cost of one box (you can pause or cancel at any time), or a $287.99 annual subscription for all four boxes, which saves 10%. You can use the following codes for some discounts on your purchase!

- micheljanse for 20% off (this one is only active for a limited time!)

- micheljanse10 for $10 off one box

- micheljanse30 for $30 off a full year subscription

Thank you to Decocrated for sponsoring this post and providing some lovely spring decor for my home! Let me know if you decide to try out this subscription service, and how you're styling your Decocrated pieces :)

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