Small, Women-Owned Businesses You Should Support

Girls Only Surf Club

Boss Babe: Sammie Fran Pagan @girlsonlysurfclub

Girls Only Surf club is a brand the encourages and celebrated women doing life together. Most all the creatives behind the brand are women. From graphic designers, pattern makers, to photographers and brand managers. We create clothing that empowers body image with unique and flattering styles.

product you're most proud of and why: the biker short is a breathable nylon spandex made in Vernon that has a unique component of staying put on the body rather than sagging down like some leggings. And the cozy shrug is a 4 x 3 rib also made in Vernon that is 100 percent cotton rib and allows breathability and comfort.

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Minimal Sundays

Boss Babe: Samantha Workman @minimalsundays

Minimal Sundays was created with the intention to inspire and empower the women around us. We go a step further by ensuring that each sale donates a portion to a seasonal charity that supports women in some way, whether it be women's shelters or organizations that help women get ahead in life.

Product you're most proud of and why: All of them because they donate to women’s foundations every season :)

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Freedom and the Moon

Boss Babe: Jamie Dingess : @freedom.and.the.moon

Freedom and the Moon is the product of an anxious teacher’s need to keep moving when the world stood still. While we were all finding new ways to distract ourselves, I remembered how much both of my grandmas loved to quilt. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to learn from them directly. Last April I picked up the torch and taught myself to quilt and embroider. I quickly ran out of personal projects to work on, so Freedom and the Moon was born. Now I’m thrilled to share my love of embroidery, feminism, books, and St. Louis with others. I'm from St. Louis, so I have tons of STL gear on my shop, but I can customize anything for any city. Custom embroidery is the bulk of my business and what I enjoy doing the most. If anyone has an idea, they can message me to get a mock-up before purchasing.

Product you're most proud of and why: Any of my custom hand-embroidered sweatshirts!... I use the COMFIEST sweatshirts ever. I love the fact that people wear the shirts I stitched by hand. I spend a couple hours embroidering each piece, so I feel so proud of everyone.

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The Honey Collective

Boss Babe: Gaby Ledger @the_honeycollective

Minimal stationery. The first launch features a weekly lanner, daily planner, to-do list and notepad in stunning shades of blush. It's brand new so please help a sister out!

Product you're most proud of and why: The weekly planner as it looks sleek and beautiful.

libster the thriftster

Boss Babe: Libby Robinson @libsterthethriftster

Online secondhand shop to promote slow fashion - to support sustainable shopping & end the fast fashion industry

Product you're most proud of and why: My curated boxes- customers fill out a style quiz and I shop secondhand items curated to their personal style to help them achieve an adorable & sustainable wardrobe for a fraction of the retail price. I love making these because they are so personal & unique to each person. I feel so honored to get to shop for them & help them create outfits they love

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Love, Bren

Boss Babe: Brennan Reeks @lovebrenco

I started selling macrame rainbows and keychains and have expanded to embroidered apparel and other accessories. Our goal is to create encouraging products while being as affordable and size inclusive as possible!

Product you're most proud of and why: Be Kind floral embroidered shirt. This was the first item that I felt like I truly found my own art style and vision for my business!

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A Worthy Brand

Boss Babe: Laura Michael

Handmade trendy jewelry that's high quality without the high price. Plus our packaging is all eco friendly.

Product you're most proud of and why: My female symbol charm necklace because of the meaning behind it. I'm just so lucky to be able to do what I do for a living. :)

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Three Pups Kitchen

Boss Babe: Brittany Dorch

I started this business after rescuing three sweet pups, one of which is a white pit bull, who are notorious for dietary issues. After failing to find treats for him, I decided to make my own and wanted to share with as many dogs as possible! Because we get that all dogs have special needs, we encourage customers to reach out to us if they read our treat ingredients and their pup needs something else (wheat free, soy free, etc.) because we will do everything, we can to make it happen at no extra fee. This business was started as an act of love and every treat is handmade with so much heart. I high five my pups with every single order and will forever do it because I’m SO grateful!

Product you're most proud of and why: Our Peanut Butter Pupzel treat is my favorite treat we make - each treat is hand shaped, and they all come out different but are a huge labor of pure love for pups!

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Boss Babe: Kyra @zcboho

I sell handmade dog bandanas, collars, leashes & much more!!I started in June of last year :).

Product you're most proud of and why: my two upcoming products, a custom design tote bag that I designed with the help of a designer. And my upcoming collection with a model of mine.

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Alimaj Candle Co

Boss Babe: Maleeha @alimajcandleco

Candle and home decor business influenced by the merging of cultures as a child of the diaspora.

Product you're most proud of and why: My memories candle, it’s chic, smells good, represents me as a whole, and provides happiness

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