my top 5 snacks from whole foods

The average, typical grocery store doesn't always offer snacks that I can eat; that's why I like to think of Whole Foods as my personal little Disneyland, because they have some of the BEST allergen-friendly food options. We've been ordering our groceries more often than not lately, and I love having my favorites be so accessible. Whenever we do make an in-person trip, I will totally just peruse the aisles because I'm always on the lookout for new treasures! These snacks are some out my absolute favorite that Whole Foods carries.

When I want something a little more savory/salty, Hippeas are my go-to. They're made from chickpeas, which are such a great alternative to corn or potato-based snacks while still having that same delicious, snack-able quality. Hippeas contain a decent amount of protein and are completely vegan as well! It's so great to be able to have good, flavorful vegan options for snacks that typically would contain cheese or other animal products. These are perfect to take along for picnics, or to munch on while watching a movie!

Kind Bars are one of my favorite options for a quick, on-the-go snack that provides a decent amount of protein and nutrients. It can be difficult to find granola/energy bars that are gluten-free, so I especially love these and that they include real, whole ingredients that are sustainably sourced. The Kind brand contains a lot a product variety, with different types of bars that contain a range of nut butters, fruits, and chocolate, as well as items such as cereal and oatmeal, so there is definitely an option for everyone in the family!

My absolute favorite snack is chips and guacamole, and Siete has the theeee best gluten-free and paleo tortilla chips. These are thinner than most other tortilla chips, and have a unique flavor due to being made with cassava flour and fried in avocado oil. Siete offers so many flavors now, so there are plenty of options to choose from! I love the fuego flavor because it adds juuuust the right amount of heat. If you haven't tried any products from Siete, try the tortilla chips first, I promise you won't regret it!

I'm not the biggest candy-eating gal, but Smart Sweets Peach Rings hit the spot whenever I am in the mood for a little something sweet. Smart Sweets provide so many delicious candies that are not only allergen-friendly, but also have no added sugars or artificial colors and flavors! I love supporting this brand because they allow candy to be a fun treat while making it as guilt-free as possible. These peach rings have just the right amount of tangy sweetness and chew that make them taste better than any other type I've tried.

It's so hard to find pre-made, plant-based, gluten-free cookie dough that actually tastes good and has an amazing texture; Sweet Loren's Cookie Dough is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I've had several people tell me that if they didn't know, they'd have no idea that these cookies were vegan or gluten-free because their taste and consistency are just like regular cookies! It's so easy to just pop a few of these into the toaster oven for a quick treat, or make the entire package as a dinner party dessert. Trust me, these are a crowd pleaser for sure!

Discovering delicious food brings me so much joy, and I love when companies are innovative and provide new snacks that are inclusive to a wide variety dietary restrictions and consumption choices. Let me know what some of your favorite finds from Whole Foods are!

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