my recent skincare haul, thoughts + 20% off

In one of my recent videos, I went through a skincare haul that I received from Skinstore. Well, I said I would get back to you on what I think of these new products- Here. We. Go!

I got a skinstore discount! Use code: MICHEL20 for 20% off!

Olaplex Hair Oil

I have used this EVERY day since I got it. The scent is light but fresh, and it gives my hair a refreshed sheen without bogging it down. Also, I can tell that this will last a lifetime since you only need a few drops. Definitely worth the splurge!

PCA Skin Toner

After my flop with the Sephora toner I came across this toner and the Elta MD toner. I bought both to try and find the *perfect* daily toner. This one has a bit of a tingly, menthol feel. I like it for the occasional "deeper clean" but it didn't feel gentle enough to use nightly, imo.

EltaMD Toner

THIS ONE! THIS ONE WIINS! I love it and have used it nightly. It is very gentle and always so satisfying to see the extra makeup on my cotton round *after* I already washed my face. It has no dye or fragrance, so TBH I'm not sure which ingredient makes it blue. Nevertheless, I am in love.

EltaMD Sunscreen

I am a total Drunk Elephant Stan (that's what cool people are saying. Did I use it properly?) But I just ran out of my DE sunscreen. I decided to take it back to an old fav for a while and get the EltaMD SPF 46. I initially got this in a dermatologist's office, which I feel like speaks volumes to the product. It wears effortlessly under makeup, has no typical "sunscreen smell", and truly keeps me from getting pink when I spend a day outdoors.

Aesop Soap

This is my fancy soap! Y'all know how I am a sucker for good packaging and this one takes the cake. No promises I won't reuse the bottle again. (hehe, vlog fam knows!) This particular scent smells woodsy and has exfoliating beads. It is a total spa experience every time I wash my hands.