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I feel like a lot of my job is telling my online friends about products I have, have tested, and have loved. I don't know if I have ever shared things I have my eye on and truly just want to add to my online cart. Maybe it's just my birthday around the corner (cough cough, Brook? Are ya listening?) or maybe it's just a season where things catch my eye a bit more than usual. But here are some things I have almost clicked 'add to cart' on this month... and MAYBE I WILL!

summer fridays lip butter balm

I am a HUGE lip balm fan. I have three in my bag at all times, and it is what I wear daily instead of any lip color. TBH, I hate lipstick. There! I said it! But I love pouty, shiny, hydrated, plump looking lips so a hydrating lip balm is my go-to. I have heard so many people SWEAR by this. But... it is so pricy. The tube seems larger than normal, so maybe it's justified?

lululemon align leggings

I know, I know. These are everywhere right now. This is something I DO have, but only one pair (in olive green). I had the honor of working with Lulu last summer and these were a new release I was able to feature at the time. Oh my gosh, I cannot explain the comfort. They describe it as "buttery" which is a great description. They definitely aren't made for high-performance, but rather for lounging or maybe yoga. I find myself doing laundry just to wear them again so I really want another pair (or three?).

west elm oil + vinegar containers

*Especially* now that I have a kitchen I think is pretty, I want to keep the counters clutter free! We keep our olive oil out and it is... well, we buy the cheapest one at Sprout's if that gives you any indication to the ~vibe~. I think these would be SO stunning on our counter... AND practical right?

fable pasta bowls

Staying on the kitchen theme for a minute -- this was an Instagram ad that got me the other day. (They are SO good at knowing what we like, aren't they?) These bowls are beyond stunning. I love how they are wide and shallow! I think they'd be perfect for salad too. And the handmade feel to them? Goshhhhh, can you have a crush on dinnerware?

barefoot dreams robe

Wearing a robe is my happiest point in the day. My current robe was a sweet present from the husband when we were dating so... it is a bit old. I was watching Kristin Johns say this was her best purchase, and perhaps I am being ~influenced~? It does looks SO soft. It is pricy for a robe but I tried to buy a hotel robe in January that was double the price (so obviously I immediately stopped trying to buy it when I learned that). Maybe soft robes are just pricy? I don't know, you tell me.

organic lines posters - the poster club

Oh looky there, another Instagram ad that got to Michel. Everytime I move I want to buy fresh prints for my poster frames. It feels like you are fully giving your new space its own personality. Is that weird? Probably. The feel I am going for in this new house is a bit more mature, and I adore ALL of these prints from this collection. Aren't they calming, sophisticated AND fun?

necessaire products

Okay, Necessarie ~clearly~ just did a huge influencer campaign because everyone I follow was sponsored by them this month. But now I have to know -- are these products THAT good? Is it just minimalistic packaging that makes you think they're good? The scents sound amazing. I just feel like I need to do my YouTuber due diligence and try them out (I mean, it's WORK *wink wink*).

honorable mention because it is NOT practical:

(overpriced) le labo candle

Okay, this is PURELY curiosity. Have y'all heard about these candles? They are literally $75. $75!!!!!! WHY? Are they life changing? You know I LOVE my candles. I go through so many. I have never smelled a Le Labo candle and I am not gonna lie, I am just so dang curious how they can get away with charging $75! I don't know if I would ever feel okay burning it though... HA.

What are some things (practical or not) currently on your wishlist?

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