my CA winter wardrobe favorites

Southern California winters are notoriously mild, but the weather can still fluctuate greatly from day to day, and even from morning to afternoon. I've had to adjust my winter wardrobe over the years to accommodate the brisk, cloudy mornings that often turn into warm, sunny afternoons. Because this winter has consisted of staying home a majority of the time, it's also been a priority that my clothing is comfortable! You don't have to sacrifice comfort for style, and even though we aren't venturing out as much if at all, it's still fun and gives me joy to feel put together. Here are some of my absolute favorite pieces this winter, and how I like to style them!


We all know that jeans are an absolute staple to any wardrobe, in any season, but the idea of putting on denim just to be working at home or lounging around sounds... less than ideal. Quality jeans are often soooo rigid and restrictive! However, I found the perfect pair of denim that has been a life saver this winter: Everlane's Arc Jean. Ohhh my word, these are everything that I look for in jeans! They are super high-waisted and have plenty of room for your hips, so they're incredibly flattering. With just the right amount of stretch, they have the look of hard, quality denim that I love, while also being insanely comfortable for going on walks or doing work around the house. You can't go wrong with either black or dark blue (or both!), and because they are slightly cropped, I love how they complement any shoe in my closet, especially higher ankle boots.


For the days I am not wanting to wear any denim, leggings are my go-to! They need to be high-waisted, breathable, and snug, so that they don't fall down or bunch around the hips. These lululemon Align Pants are a dream and check all my boxes; the best part is that it really feels like you aren't wearing pants at all, and who doesn't love that?! Leggings are such an easy base piece that you can style in so many ways- winter is the perfect excuse to wear leggings all the time, because you can dress them up with cute socks and boots and throw on a sweater or a flowy dress, or you sleep in them, or you can work out in them. Basically, I never want to take them off!


While I absolutely adore chunky knit, over-sized sweaters, there are not many days in Los Angeles that are cold enough to wear them as much as I'd like. Investing in some lightweight, layer-friendly tops that still have a sweater look and feel to them is the perfect middle ground. The softness of these Cashmere Henleys is unmatched, and the quality is unbeatable. I love the wide variety of colors they offer, so you can dress it more neutral, or have this top be a fun pop of color. Because they have tapered wrists and are more of a slim-fit, you can layer pretty much any jacket or coat on top and it won't look frumpy or boxy.


I love a good, reliable pair of heeled boots in the winter because they quickly elevate any outfit, whether if it's just a t-shirt and jeans, or leggings and a sweater, or dresses and skirts. The Boss Boots In ReKnit are my absolute FAVORITE and I wear them all. the. time (I'm wearing them in the pics above)! They work with every single item in my closet, and make me feel put together without having to think about my outfit too much. Because they're knit, they fit like a glove and retain warmth for my feet when it's chilly, but aren't overly stuffy so my feet are still comfortable if it warms up outside.


Outerwear can can pull an entire look together, and I love having a coat or jacket as the statement of my outfit. I like my coats to be a little more fitted so that they still retain a feminine look, and also lightweight so that they can warm up a short-sleeve shirt and won't add too much bulk to a long-sleeve shirt. I gravitate towards neutral colors like tan, black, or gray because they match with virtually any top or dress, and I don't have to worry about clashing patterns or textures. The Dream Coat does and has all of the above while being amazingly stretchy and not overly form-fitting. This coat seriously feels like athletic wear, but looks chic and elegant because of the blazer-like collar and cut. It's easy to throw on for any occasion, from running errands to attending meetings (in person OR over Zoom!), and makes me feel polished and stylish.

I love the process of curating a wardrobe that make me feel comfortable and confident, and how outfits can be an outward expression of personality! What are some of your favorite pieces to wear this winter?

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