how to make an at-home matcha latte

If you know me, you know I am absolutely OBSESSED with matcha. I often get asked how I make my at-home lattes, and I gotta say, I have figured out the perfect semi-lazy yet semi-traditional way to make a delicious matcha latte.

What you’ll need:

  • choice milk (in my opinion, nothing even comes close to oatly)

  • Matcha. HERE is my favorite affordable ceremonial grade matcha from amazon

  • a microwavable mug

  • a matcha bowl & whisk. HERE is a cute & not-too-expensive set

  • a milk frother. THIS is what I have & it’s really cheap!

Start by getting a scoop of matcha between 1-2 teaspoons. I like my matcha strong so I stay on the upper end of that.

Put the matcha powder into your bowl. If you don’t want to commit to buying a matcha specific bowl, you can definitely use your everyday cereal & soup-type bowls!

Here is one of my “lazy-gal” hacks. Typically, you’d want to sift the matcha into the bowl to remove any clumps. But let’s be honest, that is a little too extra. I use my matcha whisk to quickly whisk away any obvious clumps. Violá!

Next, take your microwave-safe mug and ad about 1 Tbsp of water. I microwave this for exactly 45 seconds, it makes it the *perfect* temp.

Once the water is heated, pour just a tad into your matcha. The key is to start with less than you think you need. The goal is to form a loose paste and if you add too much moisture it will be hard to get it properly combined.

Remember that whisk? Yeah, hello again. Use this to make that loose paste again. Keep whisking until there is a glisten to it!

This is what you’re looking for. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Delicious.

Set that aside for a second. Take your mug again and fill it almost to the top with your choice milk (ahem, oatly). Keep in mind that I thoroughly believe that the key to a good matcha latte is choosing good milk.

Heat your milk in the microwave for 2 minutes if it was pre-chilled. I find that to be the perfect temp without needing a fancy coffee-shop milk steamer.

Here’s another lazy-girl hack. I pour the milk straight into the bowl with the matcha paste. Yep. Is it traditional? No. But I find this makes it really easy to get it all easily combined.

Notice there are a couple little specks? We will get rid of those next. Plus, we need to make if lusciously frothy on top. Cue the $12 milk frother.

I (blend? froth? what verb is appropriate here?) this for about 20 seconds to form adequate foam on top.

And then, I pour it straight back into the mug I already used (twice!). This helps eliminate the amount of dirty dishes and besides some pouring acrobats, makes for a really quick & easy matcha latte.


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