how to be more self-confident

I know, with social media as a highlight reel of so many people’s lives, it is far too easy to struggle with comparison and confidence. Let’s talk about a few ways to have a healthier approach towards our day-to-day lives, increase our self-confidence and practice self-love!

nobody *really* knows what they’re doing

As I become more and more of an “adult”, I have really begun to realize that we are all just sort of… faking it ’till we make it. I used to look at people that I perceived as significantly more successful and think “wow, she really has it all figured out.” Fact of the matter is, most everyone thinks that about everyone else. It brings me a lot of comfort to know that we are all in this together. Nobody can be an expert in all areas of life. Maybe you are significantly more talented and knowledgeable in one important area than someone you admire. But on the reverse, maybe they bring one skillset to the table too! This is why we can learn from each other but also rest in the fact that everybody has areas to improve too.

the mute button on Instagram does *wonders*

Take an honest look at your social media. Who do you follow? How does that person’s content make you feel? Inspired, joyful and admirable? Or discouraged, unconfident and resentful? Can you unfollow the accounts that make you feel the latter? I know, it’s not always possible to unfollow specific people because maybe you work with them or see them often. This is where the Instagram mute button comes into play. I think it’s the best feature for mental health. I am going to be honest here, I have definitely muted people! It is so important for my heart to not subject myself to seeing things that makes me question my self-worth. I recommend trying it too. Trust me, nobody ever has to know.

give yourself a compliment

This can sound cheesy, but sometimes verbalizing things you actually admire about yourself does so much good in your heart. Isn’t it funny how we are so quick to tear ourselves down, but verbally building ourselves up feels so uncomfortable? I challenge you to make this a daily habit. Try this when you are brushing your teeth, doing your makeup, or showering. When you are doing that daily-activity, pick one thing to tell yourself you admire. Maybe today, I will say “hey Michel, you edited a video in an hour. You’re killing it!” Or “Michel, your brows look bomb today.” Or even, “Michel, you juggled a lot of obligations today and didn’t get stressed! THAT is growth!” It is a habit that literally takes 3 seconds but can totally reframe how you see yourself.

Isn’t it funny how we are so quick to tear ourselves down, but verbally building ourselves up feels so uncomfortable?

you are intentionally made

I just want you to know, God made every detail of you and he ADORES you. You are a beautiful creation that He poured his love, attention and creativity into. If you are ever feeling down on yourself, your abilities, your situation, or your appearance, I find that remembering that totally shifts my perspective. You are loved, chosen, and so beautiful in His eyes.

treat yourself

Sometimes, treating yourself to a cute new outfit, your favorite meal ordered-in, a manicure, or whatever makes your feel special (and a bit spoiled) is a great way to show yourself a little appreciation. Obviously, we are told to be smart with our money and time, but I want to tell you it is okay to treat yourself every once in awhile too. If it makes you feel excited, confident or loved, mark it on your calendar once a week. If funds are tight, you can treat yourself by penciling in time to do a DIY face mask and watch your favorite guilty-pleasure TV. Just be intentional about showing yourself some love, giving yourself a gift, or scheduling quality alone time doing your favorite activity because it is a wonderful way to practice self love. And remember, you deserve a way to shake up the norm every once in awhile!

If it makes you feel excited, confident or loved, mark it on your calendar once a week.

I hope this was helpful, because I know how challenging it can be to see ourself in a good light at times. I just want you to know, you are beautiful, worthy and loved. And I love YOU.

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