how I am protecting my future skin

I am a very future-oriented person. Retirement accounts, long term-goals and thinking about my older self are my JAM. Maybe it is my type 3 enneagram speaking, but I really want to care for future Michel and set her up for the best possible life.

One area I think about often is my skin. How can I set up my skin now to be healthy as I age? When I was young my mom showed me her arms and said "You see these spots? I never protected my skin and I wish I cared more when I was your age." which really made me think, "woah. What I do now really does have an effect on my skin later!"

Here are some things I am doing to show future Michel (and her skin) some love.

sunscreen daily

We all hear about the importance of SPF, but how seriously do we take it? I am thankful that I have trained myself to never, and I mean NEVER, step outside without first applying sunscreen on my face, neck and chest. I even like to re-apply through the day with a light SPF mist over my makeup when I have it on hand. I do need to get better about applying it on my arms, shoulders, and scalp too... but progress is progress.

stress management

Let me preface this with saying, this is something I am *working on*. I know that stress can play a role in so many areas of your body, including your skin health. Though this isn't my strength, I have actively been trying to take tasks off of my plate + pressure off of my own shoulders. This past month has really tested me, but journaling my thoughts, learning how to say "no" to some things, and allowing myself to just REST has surely helped (both me AND my skin.)

customized skincare

And my TRUE secret in my skin arsenal? I have started using a new custom skincare brand called Agency (brought to you from the same team that created Curology!). They created a formula made just for ME and MY skin concerns/goals. (Can you tell I am excited that it was made just for me? HA!) Thank you to Agency for sponsoring this post!

Here's how it works: I signed up and took a quiz on their website where I told them all about my skin concerns, skin type, skin goals, etc. I was paired with a licensed dermatology provider who is easily accessible for me to message with any questions. And before you knew it, my custom skincare arrived at my door! And can we TALK ABOUT THIS PACKAGING? Oh my, it is so cute and cheery. I am truly proud to have it on my countertop.

Here is a look at my custom formula:

Do you see my name on the bottle? (PS, if you didn't know: my legal first name is Christiane. Michel was my middle name but I accidentally legally dropped it when I got married... it's a long story.) This is called the Future Formula. They also have a Dark Spot Formula, but this cream aligned with my goals a bit more. My custom prescription contains 4 different active ingredients as well as Vitamin E + aloe. I have been applying this every night before bed for the last couple months, and I adore how easily it can pair with the rest of my skincare routine. The best part? If I have any questions like "hey should I be using THIS moisturizer with my prescription?" I can just message my provider to ask!

The consistency is very ~luxurious~. Not gonna lie, it makes me feel pretty fancy to add it into my routine. My formula targets anti-aging like wrinkles, firmness, texture + discoloration. Just yesterday, my dermatology provider messaged me to check in on my skin. I told him it was working really well and my skin was showing no sensitivities to this formula. Based off of his recommendations, we are increasing the strength a bit for my next bottle. Isn't cool how as your skin changes, so can the formula?

the best part!

I have exciting news. Since I am partnering with Agency on this blog post, I have an AMAZING offer just for y'all. You can have this same experience (AKA - take the quiz and be sent your custom formula) and get your first month's supply for FREE! You just have to pay Shipping + Handling which comes to $4.95. This gives you an opportunity to try out the process and your custom formula to see how you like it before continuing. Isn't that exciting? HERE is the link.

Thank you to Agency for sponsoring this blog post, and thank you for looking SO cute on my bathroom countertop. (It's the little things, you know?) If you use the free trial, I would love to know what you think about your custom formula! Comment below!

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