7 all-time favorite (& aesthetically pleasing) subscription boxes

Something funny happened -- I somehow became the "subscription box girl" on YouTube. Within the past year, I believe I have unboxed over 115 boxes... and I definitely have some clear-cut favorites! I decided to round up my top 7 all-time favorite boxes for you. (PS, I really have a thing for good branding, beautiful packaging and quality aesthetics. All of these pass my test!)


CAUSEBOX will forever be my #1 favorite box. Every item always feels so intentional, well curated and with a positive impact. Many items come from women-owned businesses and/or give a percentage of proceeds to various charities. They have a healthy balance of lifestyle items, beauty, and even home decor in their boxes! (PS, this season I have code "michel20" for 20% off!)


Okay okay, I really love candles. A lot. BUT I am also picky on scents. Vellabox sends the most stunning candles every month, and I haven't been disappointed with a single scent YET. I genuinely get so excited when this box comes in the mail every month. And I have code MICHEL5 for $5 off your first box!


This is one where the branding REALLY gets me. And honestly, I don't know how they can send such cute & high-quality jewelry every month for only $24.99. And every month it arrives in a beautiful leathery clutch. HOW? I'm not sure, haha! I have code "MICHEL2020" for a bonus piece of jewelry.


This is another well-rounded lifestyle box with a good cause. Every item inside this box comes from a woman-owned company! The aesthetics of every product are 10/10. Though this box has only been around for 2 seasons, it is already one of my favorites! I have code "MICHEL25" for 25% off.


This is a beauty (mostly skincare) subscription box featuring only all-natural indie brands and let me tell ya-- every item is SO quality. It's full of products you'd be proud to have sitting on your bathroom counter. Though it is a bit on the pricier side, I believe it is justified by the items inside. I also have code "MICHEL10" for 10% off!


This is intended to be a men's box, but I have a few boxes from them for MYSELF :-) (And some for Brook. Win/Win. This is where I got my matcha set!) BespokePost is pre-curated boxes that you order on command, as opposed to monthly or quarterly. Essentially it is a well thought out gift box for yourself or someone in your life, ready-to-order. I am always impressed with the cohesiveness of the items in each box. AND I have code "MICHEL15" for 15% off!


I adore this box. You can choose a city and receive VERY well curated items supporting local businesses, artists and shops from that area. I first opened the Austin box and it made me emotional and homesick! I have been so impressed with the variation, quality and "vibe" of every item included. Also, wouldn't it make the sweetest gift to someone who recently moved or lives far away from your city? A little taste of home! I have code "janse10" for 10% off.

What are your favorite boxes?

(PS, though I always request promo codes for my viewers, only two of the links above are affiliate links meaning I make a small percentage of sales. These help support my content creation! The other 5 links are not affiliate links. Thank you for always supporting me and allowing me to produce content for no additional cost to you!)

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