7 all-time favorite (& aesthetically pleasing) subscription boxes

Something funny happened -- I somehow became the "subscription box girl" on YouTube. Within the past year, I believe I have unboxed over 115 boxes... and I definitely have some clear-cut favorites! I decided to round up my top 7 all-time favorite boxes for you. (PS, I really have a thing for good branding, beautiful packaging and quality aesthetics. All of these pass my test!)


CAUSEBOX will forever be my #1 favorite box. Every item always feels so intentional, well curated and with a positive impact. Many items come from women-owned businesses and/or give a percentage of proceeds to various charities. They have a healthy balance of lifestyle items, beauty, and even home decor in their boxes! (PS, this season I have code "michel20" for 20% off!)


Okay okay, I really love candles. A lot. BUT I am also picky on scents. Vellabox sends the most stunning candles every month, and I haven't been disappointed with a single scent YET. I genuinely get so excited when this box comes in the mail every month. And I have code MICHEL5 for $5 off your first box!


This is one where the branding REALLY gets me. And honestly, I don't know how they can send such cute & high-quality jewelry every month for only $24.99. And every month it arrives in a beautiful leathery clutch. HOW? I'm not sure, haha! I have code "MICHEL2020" for a bonus piece of jewelry.


This is another well-rounded lifestyle box with a good cause. Every item inside this box comes from a woman-owned company! The aesthetics of every product are 10/10. Though this box has only been around for 2 seasons, it is already one of my favorites! I have code "MICHEL25" for 25% off.


This is a beauty (mostly skincare) subscription box featuring only all-natural indie brands and let me tell ya-- every item is SO quality. It's full of products you'd be proud to have sitting on your bathroom counter. Though it is a bit on the pricier side, I believe it is justified by the items inside. I also have code "MICHEL10" for 10% off!


This is intended to be a men's box, but I have a few boxes from them for MYSELF :-) (And some for Brook. Win/Win. This is where I got my matcha set!) BespokePost is pre-curated boxes that you order on command, as opposed to monthly or quarterly. Essentially it is a well thought out gift box for yourself or someone in your life, ready-to-order. I am always impressed with the cohesiveness of the items in each box. AND I have code "MICHEL15" for 15% off!