5 easy tricks to get more nutrition into your diet

Though this has nothing to do with my career, I decided to get my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. I am just fascinated by the way our bodies can utilize foods for fuel and the benefits of different vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. on our health. Also, we are busy. Sometimes it is hard to actually eat healthy and feed your body all of the delicious nutrients. So, here are some easy swaps to nourish your body and show it some love.

upgrade your oils

Just about 99.99% of recipes require some sort of oil. And I know, I know. Canola (vegetable) oil is so cost effective. But swapping your oil to a healthier alternative like olive oil or avocado oil is a really easy way to get some healthy fats into your diet (and takes 0 extra time). These fats have a wide array of benefits from brain health to happy skin. Bonus tip! Try swapping butter in savory recipes for these oils too.

replace soda with kombucha

Have you tried Kombucha? It is a fermented tea so it is FULL of probiotics (hello, gut health) and antioxidants. It is also carbonated, which makes a great replacement for sugar-filled soft drinks. It’s actually neat, the good bacteria feast off of the natural sugars within kombucha as it ferments, making it a very low sugar option once you consume it. Plus there are so many delicious flavors! One of my favorites is the lemonade from GT Dave’s or just a few weeks ago I discovered THIS flavor from Health Ade kombucha. It is Mint Limeade with hints of vanilla which is incredibly refreshing and perfect for these hot, summer days. (Poolside, anyone?)

spinach can be the good type of sneaky

Leafy greens are the pillar of nutrient-density. Each green has its own unique taste. (example– ily arugula. Your peppery-ness is the best ever.) However, we are going to throw it back to pre-kale days when people were obsessed with spinach for this next tip. Spinach is special. It blends easily and has very little flavor, but a very impressive nutrient portfolio. Because of this, it is really easy to just throw a handful of spinach into blended recipes and the taste is basically unaltered. A few of my favs? Spinach pesto, your daily smoothie, mint-chip “nice” cream, pizza crust & pasta dough.

ground flax seeds – fiber friends

I’m obsessed with fiber. I truly believe it is one of the MOST important things. One of my favorite ways to add a boost of fiber (and monounsaturated fats) is with ground flax seeds. You can add a tablespoon of these to your oatmeal, smoothies, baked goods, protein balls, etc. Did you know: equal parts ground flax seed & water can be used as a vegan egg substitute in baking?

no-prep veggies (& yummy dip!)

So many of our decisions are impacted by convenience. Why do we reach for those sodium-filled chips? Because eating them requires one step: opening the bag. What if we apply this same principal to veggies? Though nothing is as environmentally friendly as un-packaged produce, the occasional bag of sugar snap peas or baby carrots is helpful to have around. Pair them with a yummy dip like hummus, ranch or even salsa (don’t knock it ’till you try it) and BOOM. You have a delicious and nutritious snack that requires the same amount of effort as those chips…. opening a bag.

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