5 apps + sites to make your day-to-day easier

Now more than ever before, a majority of our time is being spent on our digital devices. If we're going to be constantly using our phones, tablets, or computers, we might as well make them as useful as possible! Here are 5 tried and true apps and websites that help make daily life a little more productive and organized :)

1. AnyList

If you're in need of a better way to organize your grocery + shopping lists and recipes, look no further than the AnyList app (link for Android). This is a free app that lets you create multiple, named lists which you can share with anyone, and anyone on a shared list can add, delete, edit, and cross items off at any time. One of the best features is that you specify the name of each list and can connect the app to Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, so you can then use it by saying "Hey Alexa, add eggs to the grocery list" or "Hey Google, add dish detergent to the Target list." It's insanely convenient because you and anyone who has access to the list can add items as you think of them, and AnyList will categorize the items for you!

I love using this app mainly for the list-making features, but you can also use it to store recipes. There's an option to import recipes directly from Pinterest or other websites, and as long as the recipe is in the right format, AnyList will record all the quantities and steps for you. There is a premium subscription version that will let you connect the app with your computer and import unlimited recipes amongst some other features, but the free version has everything I need so I don't feel the need to upgrade.

2. Evernote

Whether it's for work or personal use, a fantastic note-taking app is Evernote (link for Android). You can download Evernote on your computer as well as your phone, so you have all your notes on any device. There are many templates already loaded into Evernote to make taking notes easier, such as to-do lists, chore lists, meeting notes, and project notes, as well as intuitive formatting (think titles and headings, bullet points, numbering). You can create tags for your notes for easy categorization as well as compile notes into notebooks so that there are multiple levels of organization. Being able to scan documents and turn them into PDFs directly in the app is super helpful, and one potential way to utilize this feature would be to scan receipts in and record spending in a dedicated "Budget" notebook. Another awesome feature of Evernote is that you can share your notes and notebooks with others, making collaboration amongst teammates or sharing information with your spouse more streamlined and less of a hassle.

3. Skillshare

I've talked about Skillshare quite a bit on my channel, because I absolutely love and frequently use the incredible amount of resources on this site. Learning new skills through Skillshare keeps my mind sharp while still being fun and enjoyable- I personally love it for when I'm wanting to learn a hobby, like creating my own brushes on Procreate, or ways to further enhance my business.

On Skillshare, you can take classes in any area or industry that you like, from engaging and renowned teachers. There are classes for virtually anything you could imagine, with art classes such as charcoal drawing or hand-lettering; business and marketing classes where you can learn about a program or analytics; and lifestyle classes, like to how to get the perfect cup of coffee or learning a new language. Whatever you'd like to learn or improve on, Skillshare has a class for it! There are many free classes available to users, as well as a premium option that gives you access to unlimited classes. You can use my link that provides a free trial for the Skillshare premium membership, and explore just how many amazing classes there are! :)

4. TimeTree

In "normal" times, between birthdays, family functions, friend dates, work meetings, softball tournaments, and church events, Brook and I have a lot of things to juggle- both individually and together. TimeTree (link for Android), a shared calendar app, has been a lifesaver that we've used since the dating days to help keep track of everywhere we need to go. TimeTree has a simple, easy-to-use, monthly format that gives the user the ability to add, delete, and edit calendar items. In the items themselves, you can include information such as the date, time, location, duration, and any other important, relevant notes.

My favorite feature is that you can color-code events, which has been soooo helpful. For example, in our calendar, my individual events are red, Brook's are blue, and events we are both doing/going to together are purple. You could also color-code based on type of event as well; blue for birthday, yellow for date night, green for important chore, etc, whatever works best for you and whomever you're sharing it with! I could see this being such a great tool for families- it's one convenient place to record all those practices, recitals, and appointments, and color-coded by person. I love that I can look at the monthly overview and visually see everything we are attending at a glance; it has improved our communication greatly and helped to ensure we don't miss important events or double book ourselves!

5. Daily Harvest

For days where I don't feel like or even want to think about cooking, Daily Harvest comes to the rescue. This meal subscription service is wonderful because it's plant-based, gluten-free, and sustainable! I love that you're able to customize every aspect of the process: whether you want it weekly or monthly, if you want it to come with 9, 14, or 24 items, and the ability to choose every single item that you receive (you can use code MICHELJS for $25 off of your box!). They have a plethora of items to choose from, including a variety of smoothies, oat and harvest bowls, artisanal flatbreads, hearty soups, and dessert bites. Everything comes freshly frozen to maintain its peak nutritional value, and they utilize recyclable, environmentally-friendly packaging. I love how insanely delicious everything is; every ingredient feels tastefully placed, and I feel even better knowing that it's sustainably sourced.

Those are just some of my favorite apps + sites that are practical and serve a purpose in so many aspects of my life! What are some of your go-to apps that boost productivity or make your daily tasks more manageable?

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